Sweetpeas in the Snow

Nanna is 91.
70 years a wife.
“Life is fast,” she said.
“You have to keep moving…
But keep one eye looking over your shoulder.”

Mother of 4
7 grandchildren
“Clever girl,” she said,
Reading the book.
“Life is beautiful, find joy
Every day.  There is always
Something to be glad for.”

Fallen 3 times.
30 minutes visitation.
She was asleep when grandpa went.
No negotiating the time slot-
Even if it is during her mid afternoon nap.

Day 5 in hospital.
1 visitor at a time.
But her mind confuses her-
Who has been? Seen?
How long in-between?

The numbers shrink-
No visits now.
Cruel paradox
Of a positive which only
Yields negatives.

200 miles away.
All the flowers are blossoming Nanna,
Even the sweetpeas in the snow.
You’d love your courtyard now.
I hope you see it in your dreams.

“I’ve been so lucky,” she’d say.
“Laugh every day and look after yourself.”
“We’ve been lucky too, Nanna. Keep going.”
Keep going

Author: Lowrey E. Gray

Usually found with a cup of tea, a pet or a book, I am most content with life's humble gifts. A catch up with friends and home baked cakes is my idea of bliss. My heart beats where my family are close but my soul will always be in that place between sunset and sunrise. 💚

2 thoughts on “Sweetpeas in the Snow

  1. BARBARA Berry says:

    Beautiful poem, reading through my tears
    Always wondering could I have done more to help over the years
    I’m the keeper of the courtyard , did you know?
    Maybe I’ll plant sweet peas that grow through the snow


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