Daughters of Eve

I meet you now again
As the women you start to be
The childhood chapter waning
As you itch to be free

What would I write to guide you
As you venture out alone
Nothing. I’d write nothing
Because this journey is your own

I won’t gift you with wisdom
Or words to sway your mind
Or sage sayings to control you
Or warnings of any kind

I can’t pin you down with mantra
Of what to do or when
I’m no guru on success
I’m just a slave to this pen

But I’ll answer all your questions
And tell you what I know
I’ll sit and listen and listen
I’ll let you come and go

I’ll keep chocolate in the cupboard
And teabags- obviously
And the door with always be open
No need for a key

Because Eve ate the apple
Pandora opened the box alone
Persephone took the seeds
And Lot’s wife turned to stone

You’ll flourish, fly and flounder
In this incredible world
Daughters of Eve; eyes sparkling
As your verve for life unfurls

As cast of maybe thousands
Will play out this tale with you
The good ones never let you down
They’re honest, solid, true.

So step forth with new freedoms
Be strong, be brave, believe
Stamp out your own epic stories
Beloved Daughters of Eve

Author: Lowrey E. Gray

Usually found with a cup of tea, a pet or a book, I am most content with life's humble gifts. A catch up with friends and home baked cakes is my idea of bliss. My heart beats where my family are close but my soul will always be in that place between sunset and sunrise. 💚

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