Ballad of the Paper Worm

I was just a piece of paper,
Lying on a desk in a room,
In a dreary Maths lesson
Which filled everyone with gloom.

The boredom had set in,
Their minds were far from here
I felt myself transforming
With trepidation and fear.

I’d seen this happen
Many times in these four walls,
‘x + x’ all around the room
Was like a knell to us all.

In Art we’d be safe –
Embellished, loved adorned
But if you end up in Maths;
Prepare to be scorned.

If it’s not pricked with a compass,
It’s bruised with angry pens,
Or scrunched up in a mad attack
To be reincarnated once again.
                                                       (Art Please, next time!)

So you’ll understand my fears
As I felt the folds and folds again
A secret note?  A fidget toy?
Or maybe a paper plane?

Well, luck was on my side that day
You’ll be pleased to know –
I re-emerged as a PAPER WORM
So now I’m good to go!

I’m getting out of Maths class!
I’m free of recycling fear!
Soon I’ll be resting on a shelf
Woohoo! I’m out of here!

I’ll be listening to cool music,
And watching all the shows,
And remembering being just a sheet
In a Maths class long ago!

(With apologies to my Maths teacher friends 😉  )

Author: Lowrey E. Gray

Usually found with a cup of tea, a pet or a book, I am most content with life's humble gifts. A catch up with friends and home baked cakes is my idea of bliss. My heart beats where my family are close but my soul will always be in that place between sunset and sunrise. 💚

2 thoughts on “Ballad of the Paper Worm

  1. Josie Newbold Buckland says:

    These are super poems Eve ❤️
    It’s great to see the creativity and they are very comforting and joyous to read. Well done you !
    Keep on writing
    Much love Josie xxx


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